The Original Body-Contouring Tape


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Cool, comfortable, breathable, easy! Add this new body-shaping tape to your shapewear collection today. Look & feel sexier in minutes!

Want to go from looking like this...


To looking like this?


Now you can with TapeShaper™, the first body-shaping tape for targeted body-smoothing control
only where you need it! Unlike traditional shapewear, no lines, no bumps, no bulk!

  • Self-conscious about wearing today's form-fitting fashions with confidence?
  • Bothered by back fat with or without a bra?
  • Want to hide belly fat or love-handles?
  • With TapeShaper™, the new revolutionary body-countouring cosmetic tape, you can smooth out those areas in minutes!
  • Discreet, ultra-thin, elastic, breathable and extremely comfortable!
  • Dramatically improve your figure and feel sexier!
  • TapeShaper™ can live up to the challenge of any outfit!



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+ $5.95 for shipping/handling


  • TapeShaper is a miracle tape! I like how I can target EXACTLY where on my body I need to look thin and "smoothed-out". No other product gives me this spot control.

    Samantha C. - Santa Monica, CA

  • Easy to apply, surprisingly cool & comfortable to wear, and easy to remove. Dramatically improves my figure when I wear it on special occasions.

    Kelli S. - Dallas, TX

  • TapeShaper is my secret weapon for looking 15 lbs. lighter and having a sexier bust! Everyone should have this amazing product in their shapewear arsenal.

    Ana P. - Los Angeles, CA

  • TapeShaper is my two-minute "diet" which makes me look like I've lost 20 lbs.!

    Erin B. – Short Hills, NJ

  • TapeShaper is my secret for when I want to look REALLY good without bulky shapewear...and no lines or bumps too! Why didn't someone think of this before? I love it!

    Kate B. - Chicago, IL

  • I tried many of the shapewear lines out there – Spanx, Sassybax etc. – but these undergarments would show when I would wear shirts that were somewhat revealing, or had spaghetti straps or were strapless. I use TapeShaper to look great when I need to customize where on my body I need help, when other undergarments don't work with my outfit.

    Alissa Y. - Atlanta, GA

  • I've never seen a material quite like TapeShaper. It's so thin and stretchy and comfortable. I don't know how it works, but when I use it, it makes me look incredibly toned and thin.

    Magritte W. - Washington, DC

  • Tape Shaper is a great product for me. Its remarkably comfortable and easy to put on. What a great product!

    Laura P. – New York, NY

  • I use TapeShaper just where I need it. It's incredibly cool, breathable and comfortable to wear, unlike the other shapewear garments I've bought in the past.

    Angie M. - Scottsdale, AZ

Revolutionary, High-Performance, Body- Contouring Tape

picTapeShaper™ is a revolutionary body-contouring tape borne out of the expressed needs of women looking to get rid of back fat and unsightly bulges, bumps and rolls magnified by today's form-fitting clothing; women who have searched through "shapewear" departments for something that would not add bulk or discomfort, extra lines or bulges.

Now with TapeShaper™, women can quickly, easily and discreetly look their best in tight, close-fitting and sheer clothing. Made from cutting-edge, medical grade, adhesive materials, TapeShaper™ is breathable, skin-friendly, hypoallergenic, ultra-thin and flexible.

Other shapewear products tend to be too thick, too confining and cover too much skin! But with TapeShaper™, it's easy to target specific areas and get a custom fit every time because you control where and how this revolutionary tape is applied.

TapeShaper™ is like a second skin! You will find that it's cool and comfortable while providing the ideal smoothing and cinching effect you've been looking for. And nobody will even know you are wearing it!

Targeted, Shaping Control Anywhere on Your Body!

TapeShaper™ can be used under any piece of clothing. Best of all, you control exactly where, how much and how it's applied to:

  • Smooth, tighten & hide your back fat, bra fat, or back-rolls!
  • Instantly flatten your stomach!
  • Cinch & define your waist and pull-in those love handles!
  • Narrow your hips!
  • Lift & enhance the look of your bustline (by two cup sizes)!

TapeShaper™ is simply the perfect addition (or start) to your shapewear and body-contouring arsenal. Smooth out your rough spots and reshape your confidence today, with TapeShaper™!

Product Specifics: Tan-color, single-use tape, 4 ½" wide, 200" long (approximately 8-12 applications per roll), tear-perforations every 3 inches, made in the USA.

To see it in action, check out the demonstration video above or for more before-and-after photos, click here.

Like to know more? Click here to learn more about TapeShaper™